Three Zero-Mileage 2004 MG-Rovers Auctioned in the UK

Even though the MG Rover Group ceased production in 2005, one can still find cars of the British brand with zero mileage. On Friday, 21 December, three 2004 MY MG Rovers that hade been kept in storage and never previously made available for sale, where auctioned by BCA on behalf of car retail group Inchcape.
All three cars were scarce or unusual examples, with the Rover 75 V8 (powered by a Mustang 4.6 litre V8 engine) being the most unique. The model on offer was finished in dark metallic blue with leather interior and sold for £16,000 (approx $31,600 or €21,500). -Continued
Second up was the Rover 75 Limousine, one of a limited number produced on the long-wheel base version of the 75 chassis. It was finished in light metallic grey with dark grey leather interior and it sold for £13,400 (approx $26,400 or €17,960)
Finally, there was the MG TF 160 roadster which was finished in metallic blue with black hood and leather interior. It sold for £11,000 (approx $21,700 or €14,700).