Subaru to Update its Lineup to help welcome the Toyobaru Coupe into the fold

Besides adding its upcoming unnamed coupe to the lineup, Subaru will be working to get a little pep back in its step by bringing out some new designs over the next few years. What can we expect from the all-wheel drive anti-SUV brand? Autoweek had an interesting article charting the upcoming changes in Subaru's lineup.
Starting with the chunky-monkey Legacy and Outback models that are relatively new, the only update to be expected is a mild refresh/facelift coming in the next three or four years.
Hopefully Subaru will decide on a corporate face that doesn't look like 'meh' and throw it on those two, because right now they're as beige as a Camry. I mean, if Volvo and Audi could make their crossover cars (the Cross Country and Allroad) look cool, why can't Subaru?
Next is the Forester; if all goes according to plan, this fall will see the 2011 Forester available with Subaru's more efficient next-gen 2.5-liter boxer engine. We can expect major styling updates in the next two or three years. Also, though possibly limited to Australia, there could be a hi-po 300+ horsepower Forester coming down the line that would utilize the STI's 2.5-liter mill. Speaking of Imprezas...
After the recent revival of the STI sedan for 2011, the Impreza model line is expected to get a full redesign for 2012. Consumers should also look for a possible hybrid using Toyota technology. In my opinion, the Impreza is another car that's screaming for a little more character. Like the Legacy/Outback, what we need here is a decent shnoz and some family traits, not just big wings and fat fenders on highline models to make up for middle-of-the-road styling.
Unsurprisingly, the Tribeca crossover has yet to get another generation confirmed. After its original debut as one of the ugliest things on the road, the crossover thankfully got enough of a Jennifer Aniston nose job to make it bearable to look at.
Now, however, sales don't seem to be justifying bringing it back for another round. For 2012 there should be some mild updates in the form of standard options and whatnot, but those waiting for a second-generation Tribeca shouldn't hold their breath. This is a case where Subaru should just fiddle with the Forester, offer 7-seats in it, and then get rid of this model pronto.
Lastly, the most anticipated Subaru in a generation: the so-called Toyobaru Coupe. The new 2-door, which has been co-developed alongside Toyota's rear-wheel drive FT-86 coupe, should be getting an engine lineup similar to the Impreza's.
Look for a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder and possibly a slightly de-tuned version of the STI's turbo-4. All-wheel drive is still unconfirmed, but one thing is for damn sure: as soon as all-wheel drive isn't offered on a rally-like-fighting baby Scooby like this, the dilution of the brand has gone from "possible" to "happening right now".
By Phil Alex
Source: Autoweek

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