Smart Launches New Styling Accessories for Fortwo

Mercedes-Benz's Smart brand is expanding its line of accessories for the Fortwo mini with a new series of adhesive foil stickers that are applied to the car's tridion safety cell as well as with new BRABUS interior components and LED daytime driving lights.
In what concerns the stickers, customers have a choice of six motifs developed by artist Timo Wuerz in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH. According to the company, the art stickers last for around five years and can be removed at any time without leaving any traces. Prices start from €250.
The new retrofittable BRABUS LED daytime driving lights cost €549 and can be combined with all standard headlights. The same lighting technology can also be applied at the rear with the BRABUS third LED brake light that's priced at €129.
Finally, Smart offers a new set of BRABUS-branded interior components comprising of trims and covers for the dashboard instruments, instrument cluster, steering-column stalk, door handles and center console. The eight-part set is priced at €299.