Scion to Unveil Micro-Subcompact Concept at New York Show - Could it be the iQ?

Toyota's affiliate Scion has officially confirmed that it will perform the global debut of a new a micro-subcompact concept car at the 2009 New York International Auto Show on April 8, 2009. "The concept reflects Scion's youthful image and represents a new segment for the brand aimed toward the growing urbanization trend," the company stated in its Spartan press release. While we do not have any official information, our first guess would be that Scion could be getting ready to present its own version of Toyota's iQ minicar that is already on sale in Japan and Europe.
In addition to the fact that Toyota has officially confirmed its interest to bring the iQ to the States, last November, we were informed by one of our inside sources that the company is planning to introduce the minicar to the North American market under the Scion brand.