Porsche’s “Exclusive” Customization Program turns 25

Porsche started the "Exclusive" individual tailoring program 25 years ago as an option offered to all clients who wanted to make their cars unique. Virtually any customer desire could be fulfilled, the sole prerequisite being that those special choices had to meet technical and qualitative feasibility.
To provide maximum quality, a team of around 100 specialists created a plethora of components and even complete vehicles only by manual work, because they believed that "no machine handles material with as much finesse as human hands".
The same team also takes care of sales, offering customers refined interior equipment or performance enhancements, which, in many cases, have been integrated in the production process of stock Porsches as well.
To properly celebrate its 25th anniversary, Porsche Exclusive created the limited edition 911 Speedster, which pays homage to the original 356 Speedster. Only 356 units of the open-top model will be built.
This is not the first time that Porsche Exclusive has designed a special edition model as in 2009, the division launched the 911 Sport Classic with the distinctive "ducktail" rear wing, reminding fans of the legendary 1973 Carrera RS 2.7.
If you're interested in more special Porsches, take a look at the gallery below.
By Csaba Daradics