Porsche Teases 918 Spyder Scale Model During Investment Announcement

Besides announcing that it's going to invest €150 million in the Weissach research and development center, Porsche also released an image featuring a scale model of the 918 Spyder possibly providing us with our best view yet of the production model. Presented at this year's Geneva Motor Show as a concept model, the 918 Spyder is set to continue the Carrera GT's legacy, albeit in a more ecological manner.
The design study featured a 500 hp 3.4-liter V8 and a pair of electric motors, the latter delivering another 218 ponies (160 kW). The German maker said at the time that the new supercar could beat the Carrera GT on the Nordschleife.
As for the scale model pictured here, there are a few differences, but certainly not enough to confirm that were seeing the final production version's lines. The clay model seems to have a more swooping boot lid, different door panels and only one exhaust pipe on each side of the car.
As for the investment announcement itself, Porsche said the Weissach facility will get a new high-tech wind tunnel and an innovative electronics integration center. Porsche is also keen on closely working with electrical system suppliers and electronics experts.
"The close interaction of our suppliers' various electrical system/electronics experts and colleagues from related specialist fields during development will contribute significantly to the success of our work, particularly in the case of electronics, which now play a role in virtually every vehicle component" said Wolfgang Dürheimer, Porsche AG Board of Management Member for Research and Development.
By Csaba Daradics