nisan navara modiChange car into Japanese-style American style is not easy work. The problem, from the character, shape and design of the face of Asia and uncle Sam is very different.

nisan navaraBut, the desire Dimas Arki Jatipratama change the Nissan Navara TDCi 2009 DUB bertampang own style of American style is rounded. The reason, he wanted to look different from most double modif Cabin popularity with the city slicker model.

modified nisan navaraPewujudan ambisinya done on the detail to get good results. Like the front, part of this changed the style of American muscle. "Gril made back bumper and added plus net wire," said Opic of LM & T, the task of diserahi the body.

Changes in the bumper look penyiasatan ornaments on the net similar to the gril in the mud-guard. Views dipermanis with the fog lamp cover penyematan custom.

The thick model looks at the DUB velg size 24-inch MHT with the design of the crossbar five. Muscle in order to impress the more powerful, dilabur black rear bumper.

Because the super-wide tires, so funny if enggak participate Suspensi enggak be addressed, let alone Navara-foot structure has a foot high, if difficult to like contrived flat.