Lamborghini Concept Cars Named Madura

student from Munich University in the department of science named Slavche Tanevsky, creating a futuristic concept car design that is named Lamborghini Madura, taken from the name of the island in Indonesia with his cow karapan tradition which is very famous.

The concept was created in cooperation with designers Lamborgini Tanevsky and Audi for raw materials projects Lamborghini (Lamborghini's Raw Materials Project).

"Madura is a proposal for Lamborghini's first hybrid car project which is scheduled for 2016. To be more efficient and more friendly to the environment, not the means to make the vehicle look to be unattractive, unsightly and not fast. But according to my opinion this new drive system (hybrid) should represent the view of vehicles, "said Tanevsky.

Although a quick look menyererupai Reventon and Estoque concept cars, the overall design of Madura slimmer, more focused and more aggressive. The front of the Lamborghini Madura, carrying the slim lights to reinforce the impression of width on the car, decorated with large air holes and the hood has a unique groove.

The stern section, the position of hybrid engines that are in the front, making Tanevsky can create complex lines that help make the appearance of Madura Lamborghini Concept has a very unique appearance.