Insider: Toyota to Bring Subaru Co-developed RWD Coupe as a Scion TC in 2011

Rumors that Toyota will market its Subaru co-developed rear-wheel-drive coupe as a Scion in America have been swirling around the net ever since the two Japanese automakers made their plans official this spring. But now we've received word that it's true. According to our inside source, Toyota officials in the U.S. confirmed that the affordable RWD coupe will indeed arrive in the States in late-2010 / early-2011 as the new Scion TC. Further details weren't provided but from what we know up until now, both the Toyota / Scion and Subaru variants of the two-seater compact coupe will get an all-new platform with power coming from a new 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine producing around 200HP.
Toyota officials also told our source that the iQ minicar will be heading to the States as the latest addition to the Scion line-up. Even though it is apparent that the iQ and the RWD TC will target a different segment of the young or young-at-heart audience, company officials are certain that both vehicles will do their part to spice-up the Scion brand's youthful / hip image.