Cool, Fast, Expensive

Ferraritidak just cars, but already so the lifestyle and the dream of all people.
Is the sports car maker based in Maranello, Italy. Ferrari is known as the fast cars, cool and pricey. Creation of Ferrari's cars carrying the most advanced sports car ever become danterkencang of his time. For example Ferrari Enzo. All Ferrari cars are made exclusively, not mass car. As a brand, Ferrari is not just a car. Ferrari synonymous with lifestyle, luxury, success, and celebrities worldwide.

Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929. Initially named the Scuderia Ferrari racing car and make it, new in 1947 changed its name so Ferrari Spa and make the streets of the famous sports car.

Logo Prancing Horse
Sporty, all 2-door.
Most red

Technical spec
Engine: V8-V12 turbo and non turbo
Cylinder capacity: 2000 - 4300cc
Engine power: 240-551 horsepower