SPESIFIKASI Honda Civic Coupe | Segera Meluncur 2012

SPESIFIKASI Honda Civic Coupe | Segera Meluncur 2012

Honda car manufacturers continue to be creative despite continued hurricane ravaged the recall (recall) of its products. Recently, Honda was found even test a newfangled automobile Civic coupe.

The Japanese car manufacturer was found to test a car but with the Civic coupe model, this is the first and possibly this is called Honda Civic Si.

While at first glance it might Civic coupe version is not much different from the standard model, but when considered with more care would look much different once details.

Besides carrying the model 2-door, Honda Civic Si It also looks more sporty, not only from the curve of her body, but also from application-sized disc brakes are huge in the back. It is also relatively new in the type of Civic.

The front of the Honda Civic kupe this design seems to borrow the Acura RSX, but with a larger grille with a lower position. Maybe this is meant for air flow supplied to the engine so much more, although not yet known what the machine will be pinned behind bonnet.

The possibility of such detikOto quotes from Left Lane News, Thursday (09/16/2010), Honda Civic car model this kupe will be launched officially by the number two car manufacturer in Japan by 2012