Ryan's 68 Barracuda at it's first San Diego cruise and I happened to be at the right place at the right time...

Lots of rear tires, looks really good!

He's owned it for 12 years if I remember correctly what he said, and spent about a week getting it back up and running so it come come out and cruise before the cruise season was over for this summer. Nice guy, didn't mind talking for a while about his Barracuda, and showing the neat fold down panel to open the trunk area to the fold down rear seat, like the 66 Charger.
Nice looking upholstery, just like the type that was in my Superbee
The fold down panel demonstrated in up^ and down v

Small block that started life as a 318... it sounds really very healthy, 8 3/4 resting on springs moved inward with a shackle relocation kit, and no tubs!