SPESIFIKASI KIA Pride Special Edition

SPESIFIKASI KIA Pride Special Edition

Recently launched in mid 2010, the New Pride hatchback was dressed again by PT KIA Mobil Indonesia. Is this New Limited Edition of KIA Pride.

In response, the Director of Marketing PT KIA Mobil Indonesia, Hartanto Sukmono humbly admit that the New Pride was already in the dressing.

"But not the Limited Edition, only an optional course, if consumers are interested can order," he said when contacted by phone, Monday (23/08/2010).

For the model itself, added Hartanto, MCH has been displaying this at the New Pride hatchback carpet Indonesia International Motor Show in 2010 and then, and now consumers can make a reservation.

The changes are focused on the sector to make it look more sporty appearance, like the design of new pelk, aerokit, as well as the latest hatchback rear spoiler of this KIA mainstay.

Meanwhile, for the price, obviously there is an increase, but the amount is adjusted from the choices that consumers want the option ornamentals. "It is expensive, fixed according to the price," lid Hartanto.