MODIFIKASI BMW M5 Sedan | Terkencang di Dunia

MODIFIKASI BMW M5 Sedan | Terkencang di Dunia

German tuning company G-Power claims they have managed to modify a BMW M5 and make the car as a sedan model of the fastest cars in the world.

Gizmag reported yesterday, Thursday (8/19/2010) BMW M5 G-Power mixing results are capable of reaching 372 km per hour and tear the previous record of 367.4 km per hour they have created themselves in earlier this year.

To achieve these impressive figures do G-Power twin-supercharger system redesign of the Hurricane, RR V10 engine. G-Power also replace two ASA T1-313 supercharger that they use in solving the previous record with a bigger supercharger, ASA T1-316. They also create air space 25 percent larger on the machine.

With these modifications the car made G-Power can remove power to more than 900 hp and accelerates from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 4.35 seconds, up to 200 km per hour in 9.5 seconds and reaches 300 km per hour in just 25.8 seconds.

Besides the body kit on this car is also applied to provide increased downforce and air flow to cool the engine significantly.

The good news, the G-Power was willing to make these cars for the enthusiast who own pace and are willing to spend up to 300 thousand Euros or approximately USD 3.46 billion,