Fantastic photography I found on motoriginal tumblr

Stutz hood ornament by Richard Owens of

Photo by Tim Owens of

Probably a Dupont, as very few cars had these woodlight headlights, Ruxtons, DuPonts, and very few others. Photo by Dirk De Jager of

Tim confirmed that this is a Tubonique, and the cover photo from Mechanics Illustrated, Feb 1969

Shelby's showroom in New York perhaps?

Bugatti 1933 -35 type 59

1927 Cooper Miller Indy Car by Michael Furman

Great photo

Porsche 550 Spyder

Bugatti Royale

Fuel leak caught fire in the canvas belly pan

BMW 328 Mille Miglia B├╝egelfalte

Called the Bugnotti by Delahaye USA

Ferrari Dino 246 GT by Mitchell Feinberg

Mercury X-100 I think

I've never seen any Honda CRX convertibles
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