No New Facelift for Mazda RX-8 in Frankfurt, Reports Confused German Market Launch

No New Facelift for Mazda RX-8 in Frankfurt, Reports Confused German Market Launch

As Homer Simpson would put it, D'oh! Many magazine and auto sites were quick to report the news that Mazda may (or is going to) introduce another facelift version of the RX-8 sports car at the forthcoming Frankfurt Show. And while we're accustomed to frequent facelifts from Japanese carmakers, problem is that Mazda only presented the latest refreshed RX-8 at last year's Detroit Auto Show. Turns out that all the fuss was about the German market debut ("Deutschland-premiere" of what is sold in most markets as the updated RX-8 231HP with the R3 sport package. Non believers may check out the (translated) German press release after the jump.


Translated German Press Release:

Six years after its debut, the Mazda RX-8 models now have a comprehensive revision. The amendments relate the exterior and interior design, modifications to the engine and chassis as well as new features. Germany celebrates its premiere, the new Mazda RX-8 in September 2009 at the IAA in Frankfurt. Effective immediately, the enhanced brand icon exclusively available in the Sports Equipment Line Line with 231 PS strong rotary engine at a price of 38,180 euros for all Mazda dealers ordered.

The great friends of this unique sports car may be primarily on the far-reaching improvements to the powertrain with the unique RENESIS-looking rotary engine, which otherwise only one generational change would be to find. The water-cooled engine with a maximum power of 170 KW/231 PS at 8,200 rpm was fairer to require mechanical oil pumps oil instead of a system with electromagnetically driven pump and an optimized sump. The rotary engine rotates through improved lubrication yet liberated high - up to 9000 revolutions per minute. Incidentally Peilstab wandered the motor side of the top cover to the engine block, which makes it easier to access and review of the oil levels easier.

For the first time Mazda uses an additional knock sensor for combustion control. This will knock the tendency is suppressed and effectively through an optimal adjustment of the Zündkennfeldes efficiency. The turbine-like engine power released reached on a new six-speed gearbox to the 30 percent now to torsion shaft. Originally for the third generation of the Mazda MX-5, was the gearbox in combination with the RENESIS rotary engine-reviewed and generally in all six passages translated are noticeably shorter than before. In practice, the modifications through improved acceleration and smoother passage levels and switching operations on all six forward gears felt. The acceleration from a standstill to 100 km / h completes the four-Coupé in 6.4 seconds, while the maximum speed of 234 km / h is.

The modifications to the drivetrain by Mazda has improved the chassis complements. As a perfect base of evolution of the RX-8 with a front-mid-engine rear wheel drive and serve additional body stiffening, altered handlebars and chassis settings, and optimized suspension geometry. Serially come Bilstein ® shock absorbers are used for a more consistent damping even under high load guarantee. For exceptional high stiffness at the front axle provides a new, trapezoidal strut brace. Together with other reinforcements succeeded the Mazda engineers, the torsion and bending stiffness of the RX-8-car by 5.4 percent and 8.7 percent increase.

A modified front subframe, which also has festigkeitsverbesserndem Urethanschaum filled, gives an even more natural and direct Lenkgefühl. A generally more stable handling, thanks to newly designed rear suspension geometry achieved. New forged and painted anthracite gray 19-inch lightweight metal rims with 225/40 R19 tires, Bridgestone (Potenza RE050A) set to direct steering and ensure an even more agile handling of the sports car.

The visual and functional performance benefit equally from the extensive changes to the exterior design, the modifications to the conventional RX-8-sports dress miss their effect on the viewer not. The front part is thanks to newly designed bumpers, revised headlamps and larger radiator openings even more dynamic. The Ölkühleröffnungen left and right of the equally magnified, pentagonal main air intake is almost twice as large as the previous model and reduce the peak temperature of the engine oil at full operation by an average of six degrees Celsius. The lateral overhangs on the lower bumper has been aerodynamically optimized and the aerodynamic hold at 0.30. And also the housing of the bright xenon headlight units were given a wider form and give the RX-8 now have a more technical look.

Revised front fender and re-shaped side blinker bezels suggest using the standard side skirts, sport fairings additional strength. The stern is in the rear of the new LED technology, two large exhaust tailpipes and a new spoiler modeled dominates. Even now fully integrated into the car color painted rear bumper gives the Mazda sports car a sporty appearance. As an external standard colors are the metallic colors Tornadorot, Nereusblau, Anubis Black, Silver and Pluto Arachneweiß choice.

Other important improvements was the Mazda RX-8 interior before. Although the basic layout has remained intact, but many detail changes make for a pleasant ambience and a simpler operation.

Overall, leaves the cabin, thanks to improved processing and material quality impression of an even higher value. Newly designed, the designer about the center console of the RX-8 with different controls in piano-optics. Applications from the same material were included in the three-spoke leather sports steering wheel integrated, now also carries red decorative stitching. In the driver's field of view dominate the tachometer. What is new is the red variable speed range, depending on the engine temperature after a cold start the recommended maximum rotational displays.

Particular attention could be the interior designer to the front Gestühl responsible. New Recaro sport seats with a black cloth-leather cover and red seams offer improved ergonomics, thanks to a greatly improved lateral support in the shoulder and leg area.

Mazda has the RX-8 exclusively in the sport full-line version. First is the Wankel-athletes with a Bluetooth ® interface for mobile phones, which the uncomplicated operation of a mobile phone via the audio system, without the driver away from traffic. Also standard are now a light and rain sensor as well as an AUX input for various audio players on board. Another technology highlight was the RX-8 a specially tuned to the interior BOSE ® audio system with Audio Pilot ® noise compensation and Centerpoint ® surround sound. The sound system uses an eight-channel amplifier of the newest generation and has five speakers and four woofers for premium sound at any speed.

The modified Mazda RX-8 - At a Glance

• Two wheel RENESIS rotary engine with 2 x 654 cm3 chamber volume

• Maximum power of 170 kW/231 hp at 8,200 rpm and max. Torque of 211 Nm

• Second pair of knock sensor improves combustion efficiency

• New electronically controlled Öldosierpumpe for a more efficient lubrication

• New six-speed manual gearbox with shorter translation

• 30 percent of torsion shaft for more direct transmission

• Front-mid-engine design with rear wheel drive

• Optimum 50-50 weight distribution for superior handling characteristics

• Lock with limited slip differential at the rear axle for improved traction

• Increased Karosserieverwindungs and bending stiffness

• Improved steering and suspension vote

• Bilstein ® sports suspension with special tuning and Urethanschaum before filling the other guide frame

• Aerodynamics Package with a special front spoiler, side skirts, rear spoilers and fairings - Cd value 0.30

• New front design with oversized five-point-Main air inlet

• Larger Ölkühleröffnungen reduce oil spikes

• Complete in car color painted rear bumper with new design

• Enlarged stainless steel exhaust tailpipes of zweiflutigen

• Forged, dark gray 19-inch alloy wheels in the rotary engine optics

• New LED tail lights

• Higher processing and material quality in the interior

• Modified instrument display with a variable speed range red

• A new three-spoke leather sport steering wheel with red decorative stitching

• Recaro ® Sport seats (front) with black cloth leather coverings

• ABS, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and traction control

• Bluetooth ® handsfree for mobile phones

• On the inside coordinated BOSE ® audio system with nine speakers