VW releases One, Ego & Room Concepts for 2028

VW releases One, Ego & Room Concepts for 2028

VW introduced the new web sites www.Volkswagen2028.com, which presents 3-concepts for the year 2028: Volkswagen one, ego and room concepts.


Through these 3-concepts, the Wolfsburg maker wants to show its image of the auto industry in 20 years time – with the stop signs which communicate with an emission free vehicles.

The interactive short films are the center of the recently launched web sites, which features the father that speaks to his son tells his son about the auto world twenty years ago. VW investigators accompany the customer through an experience and offer interesting insights into technological approaches of the present.

Along with the “smart” signs, the VW’s three concepts showcases traffic light systems which communicates as holographic displays in a driver’s arena.

Source: cars-blog.co.cc, speedvsluxurious.blogspot.com, fast cars and speed cars