Spyker to Produce LM85 Road-Going Edition of GT2 Race Car

Spyker to Produce LM85 Road-Going Edition of GT2 Race Car

Spyker, a Dutch car manufacturer is functioning on creating limited edition road-going version of their C8 GTR2 race car. The car will debut before the end of 2008.

After unstable fiscal in 2007, including the expensive and mismanaged run at fielding the Formula 1 team, which strained provider relationships and menaced to see the industry head into a bankruptcy, management has struggled to correct their course. Few steps among this are: boosted creation of Short Wheel Base versions, the starting of the C8 Aileron production in 4th quarter and an exhibition of the pre-production C8 Aileron at Los Angeles Show in a November. Recently, the C8 made its unveiling at Pebble Beach.

The C8 features 450 horsepower (335 kW) and zero to 100 kmph acceleration of just 3.8s, similar to race car. Additional feature is a noise reduction by an extra weight. The car production limited to just 24 units to prove and build them as pure as possible. The top will be 186 mph.

The industry will also be concentrating on their D12 SUV. The vehicle will be aimed mainly at United States and E-Europe. Presently, approximately 50% Spyker’s revenues arrive from US and they have just newly started to expand into E-Europe, therefore the new edition is carrying a flag for Dutch market.

An added new expansion, which could aid the industry in a longer term, is the latest parts & platform sharing deal connected with the Lotus. Under the contract, Lotus will provide Spyker with the parts for a C8 Ailron and will help in design and developing industry’s future models. The Lotus will also be the favored sub-contractor for the supply of essential components that the Spyker can’t produce in-house.