Rolls Royce Phantom

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Car Specifications:

Make:Rolls Royce
Acceleration:5,7 sec.
Top speed:240 km/h.
Transmission:6 - speed automatic
Design:6,8 litre V12 engine
Displacement:6749 cc
Maximum Bhp453 hp / 338 rmp
Tires Front:n/a
Tires Back:n/a
Length:5834 mm
Width:1990 mm
Height:1632 mm
Weight:2485 kg

Rolls Royce Phantom
While subordinates totally lack the gut and the paraphernalia to lay hold to the status of their superior, the king is the undisputed entity to whom all reverence, kudos and salutations are due. Differently put, in the world-of the military, sergeants, privates and such other ranks can be rather boring in their numerical strength. But the coveted rank of the General is scarce and tough to come by.

Without mincing words or exercising understatements, the unmistakable leader’s class of the Phanthom is too conspicuous to warrant any reasonable form of contention. Everything about the Phanthom marks it clearly apart in the world of automobiles.
For instance the imposing exterior of Rolls is devoid of illogical show of glamour but radiates the smoothness of confidence and presents only a brief decoration that is bound to arrest your attention the moment it gets hold of your sight. Configured to a massive body upon a rugged chassis, Rolls possesses the prowess
for dwarfing many a car on the highway in a typical cruise.
The Phanthom 21-inch wheels are solid and tough enough to weather the storm on all manners of horrible roads especially those with high deposit of dunes, mud and other forms of dirt and barriers, all of which constitute no hindrance to the Phanthom in the least but a pack of flying experience on the earth to occupants. More marvelous is the fact that several punctures on the tyres create no constraint to its movement.
Rolls V-12 German engine uses no oil, though takes delight in incredibly long journeys at terrific speeds. Imagine a 250 kph, a speed that reduces the effort of some of the world’s fastest moving trains to a child’s play. Although, 210kph is deemed conventional, while negotiating a bend at 190kph makes a smooth ride indeed. Isn’t that enough to create a scene of spectators?
Starting the Phanthom engine creates a lot of fun. This comes in the form of the column shift plus the two-digits button tap the driver manipulates to prompt the engine into operation while also de-activating the parking brake.
The interior among other things gives an extra-ordinary calming treat to the guy behind the wheels and fellow occupants. The seats have been specially formulated to elicit a soothing support for occupants in several hours drive.
The inbuilt stereo produces a rather captivating tune and can be quite supportive and flavouring in a long distance cruise.
Though the X5 model is believed to have made an impressive performance, Phanthom keeps it clearly behind.
Putting the fact straight, every class of the human race easily identify their limit and clearly recognize their net worth. Phanthom is the car for the big guys, the selected fortunate few unevenly distributed around the globe. The plain truth is that it requires some solid fortune to take it off the showroom. This probably underscores its acute scarcity on the highways of third world countries. Rolls Royce Phanthom is undoubtedly technology’s legacy to enable those humans with the means to enjoy the fruits of their labour.