2005 Ferrari F430

car design
ferrari design
ferrari f430 car

  • Large frontal air vents for channeling the air out of the radiators and sides of the car.
  • Large hollows above the rear wheel-arches for channeling air into the engine.
  • The wheel view is embellished by the all new 19" wheels with the 5 twin-spoke design.
  • The collection of all the main controls facing the driver, and within comfortable reach.
  • The rev counter, which includes new graphics, and a choice of either a yellow or red backgrounds, with a new metal encasing.
  • The digital display of the gear ratio chosen.
  • A multi-functional screen display.
  • The horn pushes are easily activated.
  • The interior reflects the advanced ergonomic technology.
  • The interior could be further customized with carbon-fibre or aluminum addition.
  • The cockpit size has increased considerably.
  • A thinner middle gear/F1 console tunnel.
  • More rear seat space and storage capabilities.
  • The F430 seats’ have been restructured for better lateral control.
  • An advanced carbon-ceramic disc braking system.
Every single section of this latest development in the Prancing Horse family has been totally influenced by the Formula 1 technology. And every last part and module of this 2005 Ferrari F430 has been refined to deliver flawless, exceptional performance and dispense the highest driving satisfaction possible.